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2016 - EC Cadets Teplice LS2 3
2016 - EC Cadets Teplice LS2 2
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Hotel Offers for the  EC Judo Veterans 2008
Prague 13-16 November 2008

 Frequently Asked Questions  -  F.A.Q. 


1.  Why the accommodation and reservation is exclusive in the official hotels through organizers ?

The EJU DC decision is valid, that all the European Championships are organized on this principle. The       sports hall, all other facilities, equipment, services, etc. are required on the highest level, to ensure  best conditions for competing, smooth and efficient organization. Also presenting judo to public as a decent, well organized sport is in a focus.

Surcharge on accommodation in the official hotels, to spread the costs of the high level organization, is accepted among the European judo family. EJU World Cups, EJU Junior and Cadet Tournaments, seminars, etc. are run on this principle as well. Any federation could certainly find cheaper hotels for its members in any EJU event, but priority of the high level organization is respected. Actually, the room rates for the ECV in Prague are considerably lower, comparing to other top EJU events 2008.

      Anyway, in case of serious reasons, like health or similar concerns, you are advised to apply in advance to organizers for a solution.


2.   How to make hotel reservation / payment ?

Reservations will be accepted only on the Forms No. 7 a) and 7 b).

Deadlines:  Hotel reservations: 8 October   /   Hotel Payments:  15 October (in our account).   

Reservations and payment through the NF or directly to organizers. In case of cancellations due to injury / sickness, a refund will be settled at accreditation.

Cut of prices in Hotel Luna – see the Rules, updated Annex 1. Organizer´s Informations.


3.   What does the “access to the mat” mean ?

It means that coach can accompany and assist his athletes in restricted waiting area before the fight and  from coaches chair on the mat edge during the fight. 


4.   Why the referees pay lower (Fans Club) hotel rates ?

Contrary to other EC and World Cups, referees get no classification for refereeing in the ECV.

There is no obligation for the NF to send their referees either. But we all need their good job to ensure fair refereeing. Organizers therefore offer them preferential Fan Club rates as motivation.


5.   Can I make all the payments including the hotel rooms on the spot at accreditation ?

Yes, but only if agreed by organizers in advance and only if you have serious reasons. In this case you must expect long waiting que at accreditation, payments by a bank transfer will have “green line” priority.

Only cash payment in EUR or CZK will be accepted on the spot, no credit cards, no travel cheques.


6.   What will happen in case my flight / train will be delayed and I will  be late for ccreditation/weigh-in  deadline?

At the moment when your delay is inevitable, send us SMS with your name, nationality, weight category and new arrival time. Your name will be put for a draw, you will be expected at the airport / station and when you arrive to Hotel Duo, you must complete your accreditation and weight control immediatelly.

Organizer´s contact mobile phones : 00420-607 536 018  or  00420-732 345 098


7.   How can I reach hotel DUO/LUNA when driving by own car / bus.

Please go to / Contact § Location.  Hotel Luna is about 300 m from hotel Duo.


8.   When can I check into my room in hotel Duo or Luna?

Only after your accreditation and all payments are completed.


9.   All the athletes have to present themselves at accreditation ?

Not necessary. The team leader, coach or a friend can present their passports (or a copy).


10. Will there be any un-official weight control?

No, you can step on scales more times during the official weigh-in, 16:00-19:00 hrs.

For checking the weight, the scales will be available in hotel Duo also from 10:00 - 16:00 every day.

For team competition the weight of competitors from individual event will be taken, no extra weigh-in.


11. Can I compete in case my actual weight at the official weigh-in will be over the limit ?

Yes you can, but you will be moved to the next higher weight category.


12. What is the JUMAS inscription procedure ?

The JUMAS (Judo Management System) is the EJU online inscription system. Only the NFs have access to the system and each competitor, team and referee must be registered for the EC through this system.

Please apply to your NF with your entry.  Deadline for JUMAS inscriptions:  29 October.


13. Can we make entry for the team championships on the spot ?

Yes, team entries impromptu (on the spot), flowing from athletes emotions and team spirit, will be accepted.

Athletes inscribed by their federations for individual competitions (JUMAS) are eligible for the team championships as well.  The entries on the spot and the payment of Entry Fee for teams 300€ will be accepted latest at Control of Nations 15th November 2008 before 17:00 hrs.


14. Will I get back numbers (dossards) on my judogis ?

No, the back numbers will not be provided. Remember, the blue and white judogis are obligatory.


15. What kind of advertisement is allowed on my judogi ?

According to the IJF / EJU regulations will be allowed:

- stripes 25cm x 5 cm on each shoulder, the same advertising,

-  on each sleeve, in contact with 25x5cm stripes, one area 10x10 cm (different advertising accepted).

Judogis will be controlled before each fight.


Organizing Commitee of the ECV 2008

Czech Judo Federation


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